Natural Skin Treatments

The natural beauty salon in Haarlem

‘A healthy and good-looking skin goes way beyond exterior beauty. It can make a person glow from within.‘

Natural Skin Treatments is THE beauty salon in the city centre of Haarlem specialised in natural skin rejuvenation and treatments of various skin problems. If you have been struggling with acne for years or if you want to combat the signs of aging, Petronella Groenveld has just the right solution for you. As a beautician and a skin therapist, she knows the way to healthy and glowing skin.

Natural skincare in Haarlem

For years Natural Skin Treatments has been working with products from Dr. Baumann Cosmetics, because the brand has proven itself time and time again. It is wonderful to see what good products can do for the skin; regarding everything from anti-aging to skin problems such as acné and rosacea. Dr. Baumann delivers the best results possible with cosmetics. Without perfume, preservatives and mineral oils. Furthermore, skin therapist Petra Groenveld is always on the hunt for the best products to use during her treatments.

The perfect treatment for your skin

To be really honest with you: a healthy skin doesn’t just come from a jar. The greatest results are achieved through a combination of good skincare and by living a healthy lifestyle. That’s why we also offer a personal treatment plan and tailored nutrition plan. You will not only learn which products and nutritional supplements will work the best for you, but also how you can apply you new-found knowledge at home.