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Young or old? Man or woman? Dry or oily skin? Acné is a skin problemwhich can affect every human and every skin type. That’s why it is a common problem which we as Natural Skin Treatments encounter on a daily basis. Do you have acné and do you (fi-na-lly) want to get rid of it? Then we can help you. Without mumbo-jumbo, but with a professional approach.

Although you will see results after your first treatment, a healthy skin actually starts in your own bathroom. It is of the utmost importance that you use products which will repair your skin and keep it healthy. We would like to help you in your search of these products. To combat acné effectively, it is also important to undergo treatments on a regular basis. A beautiful skin requires maintenance.

A visibly clearer skin after just one acné treatment (starting from 55 euro)

  • Natural deep cleansing
  • Regular peeling, fruit acid peeling, microdermabrasion or algae herbal peeling
  • Removal of blemishes, comedones, black heads and white heads
  • Health insurance cover

What is acné?

Acné is a skin disorder in relation to the sebaceous glands which can be caused by for example, the wrong skin care, hormones or skin irritation. The term acné is a collective term for pimples, black heads and other dismal inflammations.

Whatever the case may be, there is always an overproduction of sebum which causes black heads and pimples. This doesn’t always mean that you have a visible oily skin, even dry and dehydrated skin types can cope with acné. When blackheads and pimples aren’t removed and treated at the right time, these blemishes can expand to bigger inflammations and pimples. Sometimes is of the utmost importance to treat acné in the right way.

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