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Ever since the founding of Natural Skin Treatments we have worked with the products from Dr. Baumann. Not only because of the delicate formula, but mainly because of the amazing results our clients have gotten from the usage of these products over the years. Dr. Baumann only works with ingredients that are similar to our own skin - which makes them skin friendly - such as liposomes, ceramides and vitamines. Unnecessary ingredients that can irritate your skin, such as mineral oils, preservatives and perfumes, are being left out. Furthermore, none of the products contain animal ingrediënts and the packaging materials are being kept to a minimum. The Dr. Baumann products are suitable for any skin type, whichever goal you have in mind. Skin rejuvenation, skin improvement or overall skin care. Whereas the classic line is a fantastic basis to start from on your way to better skin, the SkinIdent line serves the more fastidious or older skin types with ingredients which are even richer.

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