Natural skin rejuvenation

Do you want your skin to withstand the test of time? It is an understandable wish. It is possible without drastic cosmetic procedures. There are various different rejuvenating treatments that will improve and protect the durability and elasticity of your skin. It will keep your skin plump and glowing.

Connective tissue massage

Wake up your skin! A connective tissue massage stimulates the blood circulation and activates cell-renewal. Your skin will improve and it boosts the making of new connective tissue. Connective tissue is the deeper laying tissue that keeps your skin looking plump and even. If you chose to have this treatment done in cure form, then you can expect your skin to look visibly younger. Even better results are expected when you choose this treatment in combination with a fruit acid peeling.

Cosmetic acupressure massage

Relaxation and rejuvenation in one. The acupressure massage is an ancient technique that stimulates skin rejuvenation from within, while your body will become more balanced. Acupressure combines massage with lymfedrainage to detox your body from toxines. The result? A completely natural facelift.

Natural rejuvenation treatment

Give your skin a total boost with a combined skin rejuvenation treatment. You will make time stand still with a fruit acid peeling, an anti-aging mask and a connective tissue massage. The treatment stimulates cell-renewal in a natural way, improves the making of connective tissue and collagen.

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