Skin treatments

Natural Skin Treatments in Haarlem is the specialist in natural skin rejuvenation and the treatment of skin problems. Are you not sure which treatment is best suited for you? No problem. Just stop by our salon for advice or to get acquainted. You can also book an appointment online.

Introductory treatment €49,50

Let us get to know your skin. The introductory treatment consists of an intake interview, skin analyzation, peeling and a Dr. Baumann mask.

Relaxation treatment €67,50

A nurturing and relaxing treatment, which consists of a peeling, a Dr. Baumann mask and a soothing massage. Relaxation and skin improvement all in one

Fruitacid peeling €69,50

The perfect approach to combat acné or anti-aging. This treatment consists of cleansing the skin, a fruit acid peeling and a Dr. Baumann mask. This treatment removes dead skin cells and stimulates cell-renewal.

Skin rejuvenation treatment €85,00

The skin rejuvenation treatment stimulates cell-renewal, starts up the making of connective tissue and boosts the production of collagen

Connective tissue treatment €69,50

Give your skin a new impulse! This treatment consists of a peeling, a Dr. Baumann mask and, of course, a connective tissue massage.

Microdermabrasion €75,00

The mega-peeling for your skin. In a controlled manner, microdermabrasion polishes and softens the skin in order to remove pigmentation spots and to stimulate cell-renewal. A treatment which provides wonderful results regarding acné and anti-aging.

Algae herbal peeling €85,00

The true queen amongst all peelings. The algae herbal peeling penetrates the skin with microfibres to stimulate cell-renewal and boosts the making of collagen. Perfect for combatting acné and anti-aging. Despite it being extremely effective, it is a natural and soft method which can also work for rosacea and couperose.

Acné treatments start from €55,00

Deep cleaning by means of a peeling, a mask and removal of imperfections, blemishes, white heads and black heads.

Short treatments

  • Waxing and dyeing eyebrows (henna) €29,50
  • Waxing eyebrows €15,50
  • Waxing upper lip €13,50
  • Dyeing eyebrows €15,50
  • Dyeing eyelashes €19,50

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